Hello readers!

Burnout happens. It sucks but we all know every ad has it’s day 😦 But what if you could flick a button and all of a sudden have that ad perform again immediately? Well, theoretically, you can!

Really juicy post today! No one has ever thought of using height to combat ad burnout so bear with me, it’s a good one.


You make 2 campaigns. One campaign targets the even heights (5’0″, 5’2″, 5’4″ etc) and the other group targets the odd heights (5’1″, 5’3″, 5’5″ etc). This assumes that there will be similar #’s of people in each group, which I think is a reasonable assumption if you average it out.

Split test 5 ads in the even group and split test 5 different ads in the odd group. This is key here because if you put the same ad in both campaigns, then that defeats the purpose. This is beneficial because split testing 5 ads in 2 separate campaigns feels a lot less taxing than 10 ads in 1 campaign.

Then when you see burnout happening, swap height targeting! Even > Odd and Odd > Even. You’ll be showing already split tested ads to a brand new demo! This would theoretically work with any demo where you can draw the line down the middle but I think height’s the best one.

Another way to use this is if you have a successful campaign with good ROI and you don’t want to compromise that performance by putting more ads in, set up a test campaign targeting only even or odd heights. That way you give exposure for your test ads to 50% of the audience, gauge performance, and transfer the good ROI ads to the full-power campaign.

Hope this helps!