This should help you guys identify which markets to dig into for low CPM, low competition spots!

Here they are arranged from cheap (#1) to cheaper to cheapest (#10) 🙂

1. Brazil, Female

2. Mexico, Female

3. UK, Male (WHAT?!)

4. France, Female

5. New Zealand, Male

6. Ireland, Male 

7. US, Female (HUGE SHOCKER, even for me!!)

8. Spain, Male

9. Mexico, Male

10. Spain, Females


Alternatively, here are the expensive (1) to expensiver to expensivest (10)! 

1. UK, Female

2. Canada, Male

3. Ireland, Female

4. New Zealand, Female

5. US, Male

6. Australia, Male

7. Australia, Female

8. Canada, Female

9. Brazil, Male

10. France, Male

So these markets are probably the ones that perform the best, hence why the CPM’s are high. If I were you, I’d launch some campaigns into UK Male (I blogged about this demo being cheap and still no action!) and US Female IMMEDIATELY.