Wow, December is here and we’re in the thick of our busiest (and most lucrative) time of year for advertisers. If you have campaigns that you want to run, get those up. Think of some unique angles that relate to the season and submit those ads. We want to see you kill it!

I knew that a pep talk wouldn’t be gift enough though, so consider Christmas/Festivus having come early: knowing how much you love watching heartwarming holiday flicks, I made you a video about the bulk uploader. Yes, it was super thoughtful/romantic of me.

You’re welcome. : )

For most of you, this info will be an old hat, but if you’re committing one of my DEADLY SINS (ie only testing one creative per campaign), it’s important that you watch and implement the steps. I want to see you increase your CTR to levels that would make that someone special proud. If you don’t have someone special, think of your hero. They would want you to watch and and implement the steps.

This goes to you, Carrot Top!

Let me know if you have any questions,