Hey Readers,

I feel kind of slimy for this next tip I’m going to share LOL. OK so it’s no secret that there is a LOT of money being made in the dating vertical on POF. Sometimes, you may find it challenging to come up with new ways to say the same old thing right? Well, here’s an approach I guarantee you’ve never tried.

There are language websites out there designed to help non-English speakers by telling them how to say certain phrases. So one could technically utilize this resource to your advantage right?

Here’s an example: http://www.englishforums.com/English/DifferentWaysSayingSame-Sentence/jcll/post.htm

Not saying you should but technically, you could. You could sign up and say, “Hi, I am want to date fat girl but do not know what to write. How to say “I want to date fat woman” in non-insult way”
And watch the ad copy suggestions roll in.

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd I’m going to take a shower now.