Flappybird was a mobile game where you would tap the screen to fly a bird through a series of obstacles. It was insanely hard and I only made it to 7. It also made $50,000/day in ad revenue… and the owner took it off the store. WHY? We’ll never know but what can we learn from Flappybird that we can apply to our own marketing campaigns? 


1. Keep it SIMPLE & provide value.

It took all of 2 seconds to understand how to play Flappybird. It was straight forward and delivered entertainment value for minimal investment. How does this apply to ads? Well, make your ad insanely easy to read and then demonstrate value in your landing page. Maybe build a list via your lander and send these people FREE e-books or articles on how to be more successful in dating (if you’re running a dating offer). People will buy things when they perceive that the value gained is more than the cost required OR when they trust the person selling. So do both.

2. Draw “Inspiration”

This isn’t the first game to appear that required you to guide your hero through obstacles. The most obvious “inspiration” is Helicopter Game. And the ARTWORK, holy geez this guy was “INSPIRED” big time from the Mario series. For me, it was this INSPIRED Mario artwork that got me playing this game, I mean, Mario is associated with a LOT of positive nostalgic feelings for most people that grew up in this generation (maybe that’s where Helicopter Game failed). Point is, draw inspiration from established and successful formulas (But don’t be so lazy that you open yourself up to getting sued!).

3. Be Patient

Flappybirds was released in May 2013 but didn’t really see success until Jan/Feb 2014. It was originally released for iPhone 5, saw no success but he kept updating it for iOS 7. He started getting traction and responded by releasing to Android at the end of January. Would you have given up if you saw no success between May 2013 and Jan 2014? Have you ever killed an ad/landing page/offer too early because you were scared of losing money?

4. Work Your Ass Off.

Flappybirds isn’t the only game this guy made. I believe Flappybird was this guy’s 5th? game, don’t quote me on it but it definitely wasn’t his first. He knew there was money to be made in mobile gaming and that if he worked enough at it, something would stick. Haters would have told him that mobile gaming is too saturated or that he was a small fish in a HUGE pond. Sound familiar? So my advice here is to work your ass off and keep trying. The fact that other people make money online is proof enough that it is possible. Heck, even reading through blog.ads.pof.com, should arm you with enough information to make money on POF! Your first attempt probably won’t be profitable. Your second attempt probably won’t be profitable either. Your third attempt however (armed with the knowledge from the first 2) has a significantly higher chance at succeeding relative to the first 2.

Arnold Schwarzenegger said, “You never want to fail because you didn’t work hard enough. Muhammad Ali, one of my great heroes, had a great line in the ’70s when he was asked, “How many sit-ups do you do?” He said, “I don’t count my sit-ups. I only start counting when it starts hurting. When I feel pain, that’s when I start counting, because that’s when it really counts.” That’s what makes you a champion. No pain, no gain. But when you’re out there partying, horsing around, someone out there at the same time is working hard. Someone is getting smarter and someone is winning. Just remember that… But if YOU want to win, there is absolutely no way around hard, hard work. Just remember, you can’t climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets”.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s never too late to create your own Flappybird. Keep It Simple, Draw Inspiration, Be Patient and Work Your Ass Off.

BRB, making Flappyfish 😉