The Internet marketing world changes quickly and constantly, there is no denying that. There are a countless number of gurus out there preaching simple tricks to make money online and new, guaranteed ways to ensure cash pours out of your disk drive. But the truth is that there isn’t always some brand new revolution nor it is making money online all about cracking some secret code. The majority of the time it just comes down to creativity, willingness to always be testing, and learning form those that have done it before and focusing on proven methods that work.

And hopefully that is why Ben asked me to put together a post sharing a bit of my experience, knowledge and of course some of the trials and tribulations I have been through during my Internet marketing career. But before we get into all of that, I guess I owe you a bit of an introduction.

My name is Alex Aron and along with being a web designer for as long as I can remember and running Hyper6 and, I have also run almost 440,000,000 impressions (yes, almost half a billion impressions) on POF alone. Working on both sides of the coin has allowed me to really carve out an idea of what works when creating landing pages and what elements are required for a profitable campaign.

Up until fairly recently I was also an affiliate working in a variety of verticals, but mainly focusing on email submits, dating, diet (selling straight sale products and pushing free trials), general health, skin, ecigs, games for girls, games for guys, and a whole bunch of other campaigns in between. One of my favorite traffic sources has and always will be Plenty of Fish. The amount of traffic they have is staggering, and you will be hard pressed to find more affordable clicks anywhere else, as long as you set up proper targeting and optimize your campaigns.

And of course, while click prices are obviously a focal point of any campaign, having Ben available seemingly 24 hours a day is also a huge reason why running with POF makes so much sense.

This brings me to my blog post about landing pages. I’m sure that’s what you’re interested in anyways so I’ll stop with all the rambling and move right into campaigns, landing pages, and what I have found works in my experience.

I have an example for you below. Lets just go with the basics – landing pages or direct linking?

Direct linking vs Pre-sell Landing pages.
It’s shocking how many people get into affiliate marketing and have no concept or understanding of what direct linking is vs. using a pre-sell page. Generally, whatever offer you’re running has a landing page that can be referred to as a sales page (that’s the page you’d see when you get your link from your affiliate network).

Depending on the offer, it may make sense to use a pre-sell page rather than the direct link right off the bat. Essentially what a presell page does, is “sell” the user before they even see the offer page that you’re promoting.

For example here is a pre-sell page I used for a long time for a campaign known as “Richmen”:


This lander, when targeted properly, had a 70-80% click through rate (70-80% of people who saw this page, ended up clicking through to the offer). Add in approximately a 45%+ conversion rate and you can get yourself a pretty decent campaign. The pre-sell page doesn’t even need to be much different from the offer page itself but a little continuity can always help (so the user doesn’t
feel like they’ve ever seen a “pre-sell” page, they just assume it’s a normal part of the sign-up process).

Notice the landing page looks very similar to the offer itself, however with one important difference: The section on the right now has the benefits (or you can substitute these for “rules”) as well as 2 large CTA’s (call to actions). The men also appear “online” which of course leads the visitor to believe there are people online, waiting to talk right now. We have a nice large headline, which is calling out the specific targeting options we put in our ad. For example, this ad was for women 30-38 years old, in the US who are “big & tall, BBW, a few extra pounds, or average”. Notice it calls out their age, body type, location, even gives men of different ages who are “online” so she can find one she is interested in.

While this campaign also worked when we just direct linked, I saw better results when I would use the pre-sell page. Why? Maybe it’s because women liked the fact that the page called out their body type. They liked the fact that this website has men specifically looking for a woman that looks like her. You can see that while the direct linked page, looks fine, its missing a lot of elements from the pre-sell page that will really help you boost conversions with that targeted traffic.

Look at it this way, would you likely click on ad that is calling out your body type? For example “Skinny Guys Click Here – Our girls love you!” or something like “Meet Hot Girls!”? Once you’ve clicked on the ad, again our pre-sell page is letting you know that the girls you will meet like skinny guys. Thus you will be more likely to convert, while being good quality for the advertiser since you’re thinking all the girls want skinny dudes like you and you’re likely to stick around and interact.

Direct linking certainly has its place, but from my experience, whenever possible I will always run a pre-sell page, at least to test it. It wont always beat out the direct linked page by a mile but almost always I will see higher conversions and less of a bounce.
Which in turn means higher ROI and more money in my pocket.

Landing pages are your friends, and if you want success you have to know how to use them wisely. And remember there is no need to overdo it.

To wrap up this post I wanted to show you guys a few of the ads I ran. These are just a few examples but I think they will give you some ideas or at least some inspiration for your next campaign. Some of theses ads performed well, some tanked, but it gives you an idea of what to test. Remember that {age:} will insert the viewers age and {state:} will of course insert their state.

{state:} Millionaires
They have $ and want to spend it on a girl who’s curvy! Click to JOIN FREE!

{state:} Sugar Daddies
These men have $ and want to spend it on a girl who has some curves! Click to JOIN FREE!

Date a {state:} Millionaire
Browse 1000’s of Wealthy, Single {age:} yr/old Men in {state:}. View profiles, stories, & more. Click to join FREE.

200+ Millionaires in {state:}
These men have money and want to share it with someone who’s in shape. Click to JOIN FREE.

Rich Men like Few Extra Lbs
Browse 1000’s of rich, single, good looking millionaires in {state:}. You deserve to be happy too! Click to join FREE

Date {age:} yr/old Millionaires
Our rich members are begging us for more women who are “a few extra pounds” and from {state:}. Click to join FREE

900+ Millionaires Online
Browse 1000’s of rich men in {state} instantly who your father would approve of. *Warning* These men want women who are a little heavier. Join FREE

Hopefully this gives you some insight into how a dating campaign works using a pre-sell page. You will still to put in the work to get your tracking, targeting, offers and bids right. It’s not done overnight, but those who are patient will find themselves a very rewarding career in affiliate marketing once they find what works for them.

For all your design needs whether it be landing pages, HTML or WordPress websites, banners, logos, product shots or anything else – please contact me today at Hyper6 for a free quote!

Thank you Alex! Whether you’re an affiliate or offer, it’s worth touching base w/ Alex to see if he can increase your page’s performance.