I thought it’d be fun to take a look back to see which blog posts get the most views. I figured the most helpful ones would have been seen the most but I quickly realized this wasn’t the case! The one with the most views (by far) has more entertainment value than anything 🙂 So, here they are!

10. Shannon’s Maiden Guide on How to Advertise to Women (PART 2)
– Not surprised here, women make up almost half of the demographic on POF so you’d be wise to learn how to advertise to them. I got Shannon to write this one because it’s better to get a woman’s perspective right?

9. Required Readings For POF Success
– A mini collection of SUPER important readings from 2012, still relevant and features some cool tools that I don’t see a lot of affiliate using (WHICH THEY SHOULD! Save you time!)

8. $TRAFFIC$: Where is it CHEAPEST on POF?
– People like cheap traffic! Cheap traffic indicates demographics that don’t have much competition in them. This one is a little outdated but based on views it belongs on this list. CLICK HERE FOR THE UPDATED VERSION

7. The MOTHERLOAD of blog posts. Here’s the most helpful post from me EVER.
– I remember this one. Such a good post! Here I show everyone a glimpse into someone’s account who was spending $600-$1000/day (depending on the day). It’s a technique that has worked in the past and is still working. Really cool that he let me show everyone 🙂

6. How many impressions are enough to test a creative?
– 1000 impressions? 10000 impressions? 1000000000000000000 impressions? Find out here 🙂

5. Shannon’s Maiden Guide on How to Advertise to Women (PART 1)
– Part 1 of Shannon’s guide to advertising to women! Just goes to show how many people didn’t make it to part 2 LOL

4. Beat your Competition By Duplicating Your Campaigns
– A strategy that works because it’s better to compete against yourself than it is to compete against other people.

3. New to POF? This is a MUST READ. Guest post by Justin Dupre!
– The noobie guide written by Justin Dupre. If you’re brand new to POF, you need to read this!

So the #2 most viewed blog post is a follow up to the #1 most viewed blog post so I’ll put them together. Part of the reason why they got so many views is because it somehow made it to the front page of hackernews. Without delay, here they are!

2. Follow-Up Case Study WITH Your Suggestions Implemented
– Skip this, check out #1 first and then come back.

1. Throw Everything You Know About Ads Out The Window (pics inside)
– I laughed, you laughed, pretty much everyone laughed. I don’t remember what the specifics were for revenue and what not, I think the crap ad edged out the pro ad by a conversion or 2. This might seem like common knowledge now but back in 2012, it was groundbreaking stuff. Hell back in 2012, mobile wasn’t even on the radar, it’s crazy this was only 2 years ago.

Well there you have it ladies and gents! The 10 most popular blog posts here! Are they the most HELPFUL to your business? Probably not haha there’s tons of gems here if you have some time to go back and look. Best of all? The education’s free and available for everyone. Please do your good deed of the day and share this with a noobie who you think might benefit from this, they’ll appreciate it.