Hey readers,

Well as temperatures rise so do advertiser ROI! It’s no secret that summer time is one of the best seasons for dating. Everyone’s motivated to get out there and enjoy the sun! People wait the entire year for this season so the chances of them paying for a dating site ARE higher. Maximize on the next 3 months right? Anyway, have you come up with your summer-related angles yet? Here are some to get you started

Obvious ones:
– Find someone to enjoy the sunshine with
– Summer love is NOW!
– Women are 47% more likely to accept your date when it’s sunny! (no idea if this is true LOL)
– Don’t waste another summer alone!

And for fun, here’s some angles that I’ve never seen advertised on POF:

– “Date a girl who’s had only 1 or 2 boyfriends”.
– “Date a girl who’s chosen to never had a boyfriend.. until now”
– “Date a girl who’s not going to spend your hard earned money”
– “Date a girl who doesn’t mind spending her money on you”
– “Date a girl with tiny/giant feet”
– “Date a girl that prefers beer over books”
– “Date a girl who isn’t hairy” …. I don’t know, that’s a desperation suggestion so I’m going to stop now. Or date a hairy girl, WHO KNOWS.

Summer 2014, let’s make this a good one ladies and gents!