Hello readers!

So regarding my last post, a VERY popular dating offer did go down to optimize their data, which lead to a lot of big POF affiliates pausing their campaigns while they find another offer to plug in. OPEN CALL TO NETWORKS w/ DATING OFFERS, if your MAINSTREAM offer is currently looking for volume, please contact me and I’ll connect you to some affiliates. 

Moving on, it’s a no brainer that you should take into considerations the dating norms of the country you’re targeting. Dating differs country to country and heck, even state to state! So, doing a Google search for “dating advice” for the country you’re targeting is an excellent way to learn the norms. Or, if you’re like me and you have awesome affiliate friends, you get it forwarded to you 😀 (Thanks Cory!) 

So, check out this link, it’s pretty interesting! 

Lastly, how many of you affiliates will go through registration of the offer? I was reminded today of how many guys will only look at CPL price without checking out the reg path. It’s worth your time to see if the reg path is good b/c that will impact your bottom line. What if registration is 10 pages long?! What if the reg path isn’t mobile optimized?