Hey All,

I LOVE seeing people succeed on POF. Especially the guys that I’ve spent time working with, they deserve it all! Anyway, came into the office today to this email and it put a huge smile on my face 🙂


I know I shouldn’t be doing this, but I believe in paying it forward. Affiliates are not suppose to talk about good traffic sources, but I can’t help but share my experience with POF as a newbie affiliate. Please feel free to share this screenshot and my story on your blog. I know you’d never do it in a million years, but if you do share it please don’t disclose any of my account or campaign details. Use this email and screenshot anyway you wish, I honestly don’t care, you’ve been extremely patient with me and you’ve helped me up my game to a point that I could never repay you.

Here’s a screenshot of my stats the other day. Over 100% ROI at $550.00 ad spend ain’t too damn bad. This is by far not my best day at all whatsoever. Just a few days ago I was at an ROI of 150% at over $550.00 ad spend I just didn’t bother grabbing a screenshot. I’m hitting those numbers more and more frequently. Also, take note of the 5246 clicks on the day for only $546.00! That’s under .10 cents a click for laser targeted traffic that is converting at a rate to consistently produce over 100% ROI.

Yea, but, everyone knows ROI’s on POF swing up and down like the wind, right? How about this, I’ve maintained over 100% ROI for over 4 months straight. I’ve been able to do this as a newb without direct deals or anything. It can, and is being done people don’t just running around flapping their gums about it.

Anyway, take care Ben. Have a great week buddy.

My best regards


Very well done my friend! Disregard naysayers, acquire currency 🙂