Hello Readers!

It sure has been a while since I’ve posted, hope everyone had a nice holiday. I know a whole lot of you are prepping for our industry’s biggest show: Affiliate Summit West 2015 in Las Vegas! But I wanted to share some cool data that I came across this morning.

We all know Buzzfeed right? The notorious headlines, cheesy stories etc. But whatever your opinion is on their methods, we can all agree that they work. They’ve QUINTUPLED their traffic! Cool article on the woman who did it

Anyway, ever wonder what Buzzfeed headlines were the most shared? Could you imagine integrating this information into your ads/landing pages? Wonder no more!

Here are the 3-word phrases with the most Facebook Shares in BuzzFeed Article Titles


Here are the phrases they used the most

Examples for easy implementation:
“You Need to Join This Site” instead of “Join Now”
“This Site Will Make You Find a Girlfriend” instead of “Want a girlfriend?”
“The One Dating Site You Need To Know About” instead of “Check this site out!”

As you can see, extremely powerful phrases can be generated using those 3-word phrases AND it’s easily integrated into new and existing ads.

To a successful 2015! CHEERS!