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Short and sweet, click this news article from USA Today and turn the data into angles for your dating ads!

TGIF, have a great weekend everyone!



Hello Readers!

Well, I’m back from Affiliate Summit West in Vegas and it was such a good conference!

Even Hulk Hogan came out to this one! I was fortunate enough to watch him cut a promo, talking smack about Hostgator LOL.

2014 is going to be a fantastic year for those who I had the chance to strategize with! Really looking forward to putting plans into action.

Anyway, back to business! I want to discuss the concept of increasing your CPM bid to cheapen your clicks. Basically, increasing your bid so that you deliver ahead of your competitors and decreasing the chance your ad has burned out. I want to give a BIG thank you to an affiliate who has agreed to allow me to display the data of one of their campaigns that clearly shows a minor increase in CPM for a much more profitable campaign.

Click here to see some freakin’ JUICY data!

Basically, the starting CPM for this campaign was $0.31 (bidding $0.01 more than the minimum for banners), got average 0.17% CTR with average CPC of $0.20ish and spend is ~$20/day.

He raised the CPM to $0.37 on Dec 19th and check out the RESULTS!! CTR is now average 0.30% with average CPC of $0.12 and spend is around ~$100/day. He’s now making a LOT more revenue/profit from this campaign for only a very minor increase in CPM bid. This is what happens when you increase your bid and deliver ahead of a large chunk of people.

Some observations:

– Why did he choose $0.37? He wanted to deliver ahead of the people who bid $0.35 (and the people using the 1 penny trick). MOST advertisers on POF will bid in nice, clean numbers… so usually in a multiple of $0.05. I suggested he test out $0.53 next. Why? Because the minimum bid for 3 small ads is 0.16, multiply that by 3 and you get a 0.48.. but then you’ll want to deliver ahead of the 0.51 guys too. The most popular bids for banners is always 0.30, 0.40, 0.50, 0.60.. etc. With diminishing returns as each level has less and less people bidding there. Make sense? BID SMART PEOPLE.

– This ad’s been running for a while now.. Notice any burnout? Nope. The stats were pretty stable since Oct 2013. There’s only 1 ad in the campaign too (running) so a good ad is a good ad! This will die one day but it’s held up for months now but so far, goes against everything logic would dictate LOL.

– The same idea would apply to the small ads. Only thing you’d have to do is duplicate your campaigns and ensure your bids all add up to something that would exceed a popular banner bid.

So, if you haven’t tested your bids in a while, it’s a good time now! I won’t be answering any questions about this campaign as I feel like it was already a very generous share. So best of luck and happy tweaking!


I’m extremely excited to announce that we have an affiliate who has broken the 2 million dollar mark with us in 2013. He’s one of the 2 that joined the Million Dollar Club last year and the only one to break 2 this year. So congrats! I’ll see you in Vegas my friend!

There are a number of guys that are VERY close to entering the Million Dollar Club in 2013 but missed it by a sliver 😦 The end of 2014 will bring a few more Million Dollar Club members, which we will all celebrate at ASW 2015. Keep your head down and keep at it everyone! The new year is an excellent time to promote dating/health related stuff since this is the time where everyone is super motivated to achieve their New Year’s resolutions!


Hello readers,

Thank you all for entering the contest! We’ve chosen the winners at random and are now contacting them to confirm that they are going to make ASW2014. In less than a week, I’m going to get to see all your lovely faces once again for another Vegas adventure. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday/New Years!


Hello readers, 

Would you like to have a chance to sit down for lunch with myself and super-affiliate, Charles Ngo, to learn your brains out? Well, we’re holding a contest with to offer just that! Start your 2014 off right with a mastermind session (and an excellent lunch)!


The Prize: Two winners will be selected for a private mastermind session / lunch at Emeril’s New Orleans Fish House during Affiliate Summit West in Vegas. You go one on one, with the Asian ones & we’ll pick up the bill!


To be eligible, you must satisfy 2 requirements:

  • You need to have an advertising account at PlentyofFish. If you don’t have one then sign up for one herePOF is one of Charles’ go to recommendations for anyone that wants to start affiliate marketing.
  • You will be attending Affiliate Summit West Vegas 2014 and will be available to meet.

To enter, it’s super easy:

  • E-mail Ben. ( with the subject “Ngo ASW Contest Entry”.  Make sure you email it from the same email address as your POF account. No body text is needed.

Deadline is 12/31/13. Winners will be selected randomly. Best of luck everyone! Looking forward to eating plenty of fish, which chatting about PlentyOfFish 🙂



Wow, December is here and we’re in the thick of our busiest (and most lucrative) time of year for advertisers. If you have campaigns that you want to run, get those up. Think of some unique angles that relate to the season and submit those ads. We want to see you kill it!

I knew that a pep talk wouldn’t be gift enough though, so consider Christmas/Festivus having come early: knowing how much you love watching heartwarming holiday flicks, I made you a video about the bulk uploader. Yes, it was super thoughtful/romantic of me.

You’re welcome. : )

For most of you, this info will be an old hat, but if you’re committing one of my DEADLY SINS (ie only testing one creative per campaign), it’s important that you watch and implement the steps. I want to see you increase your CTR to levels that would make that someone special proud. If you don’t have someone special, think of your hero. They would want you to watch and and implement the steps.

This goes to you, Carrot Top!

Let me know if you have any questions,


Just a heads up everyone, POF is taking our annual holiday retreat to Whistler for this weekend so Cyndi and I will have limited access to our emails and ad approval will be slow. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


This should help you guys identify which markets to dig into for low CPM, low competition spots!

Here they are arranged from cheap (#1) to cheaper to cheapest (#10) 🙂

1. Brazil, Female

2. Mexico, Female

3. UK, Male (WHAT?!)

4. France, Female

5. New Zealand, Male

6. Ireland, Male 

7. US, Female (HUGE SHOCKER, even for me!!)

8. Spain, Male

9. Mexico, Male

10. Spain, Females


Alternatively, here are the expensive (1) to expensiver to expensivest (10)! 

1. UK, Female

2. Canada, Male

3. Ireland, Female

4. New Zealand, Female

5. US, Male

6. Australia, Male

7. Australia, Female

8. Canada, Female

9. Brazil, Male

10. France, Male

So these markets are probably the ones that perform the best, hence why the CPM’s are high. If I were you, I’d launch some campaigns into UK Male (I blogged about this demo being cheap and still no action!) and US Female IMMEDIATELY. 


Big thanks to the guys at for sharing this with our readers. It’s a good one!

So, one thing that we’ve learned in all sorts of verticals, particularly dating, is that amateur photos convert better than professional or stock photography.

(Actually, that’s not always true. But sometimes it is, and when it is it tends to be very true.)

Why? Well, for most people, “professional” photography means “someone’s trying to sell me something”. And that’s not a great way to get them to, for example, sign up to a dating site.

Unfortunately, amateur photography for some demographics, particularly older guys, is hard to find. By far the easiest way to find a wide range of photography tailored to your demo is to use a stock photography site.

But stock photography sites have very few amateur-looking images, and lots of very professional, carefully-lit, bland images.

So what to do?

Well, it’s not a perfect solution, but you can use Photoshop to make your stock photos look a whole lot more like amateur, real images, and reap the rewards of higher conversion rates.

Here’s an example:

The Basic Principle

There’s no single trick to making pro photos look amateur. Instead, there are a bunch of different things you can do to “de-professionalise” your photos.

What we think of as a “professional” photo is largely a photo that doesn’t have any of the mistakes amateurs make.

In a professional photo, the subject is well-framed in the picture. It’s properly focused and not blurred. The picture is composed well and there’s nothing distracting in the background. Exposure and color levels have been properly balanced in post-production.

To make the photo look more amateur, we simply introduce one or more of these errors. We blur it a bit as if the camera wasn’t quite still when the photo was taken. We move it to an awkard “selfie” angle. And so on.

Generally, I find that applying two or three layered “amateurizing” filters is enough to make a professional photo look properly amateur. A single filter just looks like you’ve done something wrd to a stock photo, but more than one gives the proper “taken at 11pm on a lonely Saturday with a cellphone” feel.

If you’re preparing a whole bunch of photos – like a grid on a landing page, for example – it’s best to vary the filter and number of filters you’re using on each one. That stops them from looking too uniform and gives a naturalistic variation in how much care was taken on each picture.

Nine Ways To Make Pro Photos Look Amateur

The Dodgy Resize

Stretched or over-enlarged pictures are everywhere on dating sites in particular – and this is a really easy effect to copy.

For an ultra-simple approach, just use the Transform tool, and stretch the image a bit either vertically or horizontally. You want to hit the sweet spot where it’s still obvious the person is attractive, but the picture looks like it’s been munged by a complete amateur.

An even more effective technique is to reduce the photo size beyond the size you need, then re-enlarge it. For example, if you’re prepping a photo for POF, reduce it in size (Image » Image Size in Photoshop) to 60 pixels high, then enlarge it back to 80 pixels. It’ll look slightly pixelated and much less professional.

Mess With Exposure

One sure mark of a cheap camera or crap photographer is if the photo is over- or underexposed: too dark or too light.

I don’t recommend underexposing your pictures, because they’ll “pop” a lot less. But overexposing them can make them pop more, while also looking less professional.

In Photoshop, go to Image » Adjustments » Exposure in the menu. Then tweak the top two sliders. I usually push “Exposure” up until the photo’s got bad glare but is still recognisable – the “using a flash indoors” look – then mess with the offset a little too. Setting the Offset up gives the slight white-out of an over-lit picture, whilst setting it dark increases contrast (good for visibility on the page) whilst also generally making it look like the photographer had No Clue what he/she was doing.

Blurry Blurry Wobbly Wobbly

When trying to fake amateurism, blur is your friend.

There are two types of blur that work well. First is the old classic, Gaussian Blur (Filter » Blur » Gaussian Blur), which just softens the image, giving a remarkably good impression of a badly-focused camera. Blurry images often have surprisingly high CTR – this one’s nearly always worth a try.

Then, for a more precise simulation of a wobbly cellphone, Motion Blur (Filter » Blur » Motion Blur) works a treat – it’s one of my go-to effects. Tweak the direction of the motion (the circle with a line through it) so that it’s either up-and-down or on a diagonal. Peoples’ hands rarely wobble in a precisely horizontal line.

Add Extraneous Detail To The Background

This is a little more hassle than just applying a filter, but it’s startlingly effective. In my experience it’s one of the few effects in this list that can sell an otherwise perfect stock photo as being amateur as hell, by itself.

Pro photographers go to great lengths for a “clean” image where the person they’re picturing is the only feature, or by far the most obvious feature, in the picture. So we reverse that by Photoshopping something into the image that any pro photographer would have Photoshopped out.

Start by looking at the background of your photo, and finding an image of something that would naturally be in the background – a lamppost, a post box, a sign, a lampshade, whatever. Ideally you’ll want it to have a clear background, but it doesn’t matter that much.

Copy-paste it into your image and Transform it (CTRL+T) until it fills a portion of the background.

Now either use the Eraser tool to erase everything but the object, or (probably better) add a Mask and paint out everything else using the Mask. Erase the bits of the object that should be covered by the person in the image too, of course.

If the background’s blurred, you should also blur the layer with your image on it a little.

You’ll end up with a great, awkward-looking picture that instantly passes muster as Not Professional.

Selfie Shot

There are a couple of giveaways for a “selfie shot” that are very easy to photoshop into a pro image.

For starters, of course, make sure the person’s arms aren’t visible!

Then, use the Transform tool to tilt the image a little in the direction of the arm that they’re supposed to be holding the camera with. Stretch the image out to fill your image frame again. This makes it look like the photograph was taken at a slight angle, as selfies almost always are.

To make it look even more realistic, use the Perspective tool (Edit » Transform » Perspective). Either use the handles at the top to tilt the image down slightly (for the above-the-head-camera look) or use the handles at the bottom to tilt it up. You don’t need to use much Perspective here: it’ll start looking very amateur quite quickly.

Fix The Clues Of A Pro

There are a couple of clues of a professional photographer that it’s worth getting rid of.

First, if the background has the circles or polygons of out-of-focus light called “Bokeh”, use the Blur or Smudge tools to get rid of them. Amateurs rarely shoot with shallow enough depth of field to show bokeh images so they’re a dead giveaway of a pro.

Secondly, if there are highlights on the side of the person’s head from “rim lighting”, it’s worth removing them, as this is a classic “studio shot” tell. It’s a bit tricky to get rid of them, but you can do it by duplicating the layer, setting it to “darken”, and then going over those areas with the Healing Brush (NOT the Spot Healing Brush) or the Clone Stamp, cloning skin or hair tone from an area without highlights.

Amateur Images Achieved!

And that’s it! You now have the tools to make any professional image look like it was shot on a blurry, out of focus cellphone – and get the rewards that come from genuine-looking images.

If you found this post valuable, is full of posts like this! It’s a paid forum but they’ve helped a lot of people succeed so I think it’s worth the $ as long as you’re willing to activate sponge mode and absorb as much info as possible! 1 month left in 2013 and this information is definitely a game changer!


Hello Readers!

For the longest time, the 160×600 ads have been our lowest CPM ads/worst ROI ads and I couldn’t figure out why. There’s only one 160×600 on the page and it’s featured in the user messages, which is has a ton of volume! Anyway, so I discovered that the 160×600 is placed in the MIDDLE of the message. This is problematic because if the message is too long, this pushes the 160×600’s below the fold and thus, decreases performance.

Here’s what I mean:

Long message: (ad no where to be found.. it is below the fold)
Short message: (most of the 160×600 is above fold)

So, the fix is basically going to anchor the 160×600 in a set spot regardless of how many messages someone gets or how long those messages are. By keeping the ad above fold, you should see an increase in performance on 160×600’s across the board.

In the meantime, spend some time making 160×600’s as this should be fixed by next week. And if you get in quick, the CPM’s are SUPER low so ROI will be SUPER high 🙂



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