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Yes it’s true! POF was sold to the Match Group which means we’ll soon be joining their umbrella of dating sites that include, Tinder and Okcupid. 2015 will be a very exciting year!



Hello all,

Just wanted to let everyone know that POF has rolled out our version of responsive web. Which basically means going to from a mobile browser will now have a more app-like experience instead of a desktop-like experience.

The downside for advertisers is that responsive web doesn’t have the ads offered in on it. We’re going to do some testing and tweaking and will look into adding mobile web back onto the ad platform if it makes sense to. We might also introduce the new 320×50 into for you guys to buy but who knows!

Our current priority is making the experience the best for our users, then we’ll monetize later.



Some of the techniques aren’t POF compliant but still, this is one of the most legendary resources out there! Kind of cool to see all the Contributors because a lot of them are either out of the game or evolved their businesses from affiliate marketing.

Be sure to bookmark this one! Enjoy!


Hello Readers, here’s a good read for anyone doing dating on the 110×80’s. This guy’s been advertising with us for over 4 years SUCCESSFULLY now, I’m sure you can learn from his wisdom! Unfortunately, for me, he is now moving onto bigger ventures. LUCKILY for you, he’s spilling the beans on how to become successful on POF as a way of giving back 🙂 Enjoy!

Hope you liked the affiliate-esque title Here we go:

A lot of beginners don’t know how much POF traffic they should send towards an ad to test it, ie. to see if it can get a good CTR and convert. It’s important to have a system that you stick to, applying one standard for your ads is the key to success on POF. I’ve used the platform for nearly 4 years and this is the system that I have used successfully for that entire time. The first thing you test for is obviously CTR. If an ad can’t get a certain CTR, it’s rare that it will convert enough to make up for the lack of clicks. I’ve applied a very simple standard for 110s, which is to let them run to 10,000 impressions for general traffic. By general traffic I mean no login count or niche (eg. smoker, tall, short, drink, body type, etc.). Just gender, age, country, sexual disposition (ie. looking for female or male), and marital status. I generally test age in 10 year increments, but some people use 5 years. I woudlnt’ go anymore than 10 since tastes change significantly. 50 year old men aren’t going to be very clicky on an image of an 18 year old beauty, whereas a 40 year old attractive woman will get the clicks. Obviously if it is a niche offer you will want to include that in the campaign settings as well. So say it’s a single parents offer, you would want to put “Has Children = Yes” in addition to the other settings.

This is the simplest way I’ve found to test for CTR. Run all the ads to 10k impressions (10k each) as cheaply as you can, so try to set it at .16 cents and shoot for 10k impressions on your ads in a 24 hour period. If you aren’t getting enough traffic raise the bid by .03 cents. Usually it’s best to test in batches of 10-20 ads in one campaign, so that way you don’t have to wait like you would if you had 50 ads in one campaign. If you have 50+ images to test create separate campaigns and put 10-20 in each.

If an ad gets .100% CTR or more it’s a winner! Congratulations you have a good image on your hands. I’d estimate that only about one in ten images will meet that threshold. If the image gets below our .100% standard it’s a loser most of the time. What I mean by that is that you still need to check for conversions on each ad. Some ads are freakish, and will have an awful CTR such as .050% yet convert 2 or 3 times on the 10k impressions you sent. If that’s the case, you have to give that ad a chance and niche it out. Always check your conversions when testing for CTR, because you never know if one of them is a outlier, an ad that gets a bad CTR but converts really well.

In regards to ad copy, you should be using the same ad copy on each ad. Make sure it is good copy. Copy is important, but it’s the images that are the most important. So when we are testing we are testing for image CTR by using the same ad copy. Bad copy can ruin an ad, but if an image isn’t up to snuff, your copy won’t be read anyway.

Once an ad gets that magical .100% or more CTR it’s time to niche it out. So you’d take that image and create new campaigns for login counts, drinkers, tall guys, etc. whatever angle you think will work on the ad. Throw all the images that worked into those new campaigns. I usually take the successful images and niche them out to 4 or more campaigns. Sometimes when you put an ad in a niche campaign the CTR won’t be as good as when you tested it, but more often that not you will notice it gets a similar or even better CTR.

Once niched, you simply have to test for conversion rate, ie. does it make money?? My standard for that is usually the payout for the offer, or maybe 1.5x the value of the payout. So say I have an offer that pays $4. I’ll let each ad spend $4-$6 to see if they convert. If an ad has spent $4 but there have been no conversions I will likely deactivate it, unless I really believe in the ad for some reason, in which case I’d let it run to $6. Remember that the cost of traffic goes up the more choices you make in the settings, login count being one of the most expensive, and generally you will pay 3x as much for “Login Count ≤ 50”, which means that the person has logged into POF less than fifty times. Often times you can’t just copy your bid from the original testing campaign and expect to get the same traffic with extra settings. With 110s I generally increase or decrease in increments of 3 cents, since 110s are very likely to overspend if you type in too high a bid.

Since we’ve niched out the image to different ads, it might very well perform with some niches but not others. So for whatever reason, an ad does well and converts with copy related to the education level of the person, but doesn’t do well with copy related to body type. IE: Our women want men with higher level education VS. Our women want men with athletic body types. You never know which ad is going to convert on which copy, so that’s why you have to test all of them.

I might add some more later, but this is a good outline of a system that has worked consistently for me. I also have systems for the other ad formats which I might add here..

– jblint

Hello Readers!

It sure has been a while since I’ve posted, hope everyone had a nice holiday. I know a whole lot of you are prepping for our industry’s biggest show: Affiliate Summit West 2015 in Las Vegas! But I wanted to share some cool data that I came across this morning.

We all know Buzzfeed right? The notorious headlines, cheesy stories etc. But whatever your opinion is on their methods, we can all agree that they work. They’ve QUINTUPLED their traffic! Cool article on the woman who did it

Anyway, ever wonder what Buzzfeed headlines were the most shared? Could you imagine integrating this information into your ads/landing pages? Wonder no more!

Here are the 3-word phrases with the most Facebook Shares in BuzzFeed Article Titles


Here are the phrases they used the most

Examples for easy implementation:
“You Need to Join This Site” instead of “Join Now”
“This Site Will Make You Find a Girlfriend” instead of “Want a girlfriend?”
“The One Dating Site You Need To Know About” instead of “Check this site out!”

As you can see, extremely powerful phrases can be generated using those 3-word phrases AND it’s easily integrated into new and existing ads.

To a successful 2015! CHEERS!


Hey All,

I LOVE seeing people succeed on POF. Especially the guys that I’ve spent time working with, they deserve it all! Anyway, came into the office today to this email and it put a huge smile on my face 🙂


I know I shouldn’t be doing this, but I believe in paying it forward. Affiliates are not suppose to talk about good traffic sources, but I can’t help but share my experience with POF as a newbie affiliate. Please feel free to share this screenshot and my story on your blog. I know you’d never do it in a million years, but if you do share it please don’t disclose any of my account or campaign details. Use this email and screenshot anyway you wish, I honestly don’t care, you’ve been extremely patient with me and you’ve helped me up my game to a point that I could never repay you.

Here’s a screenshot of my stats the other day. Over 100% ROI at $550.00 ad spend ain’t too damn bad. This is by far not my best day at all whatsoever. Just a few days ago I was at an ROI of 150% at over $550.00 ad spend I just didn’t bother grabbing a screenshot. I’m hitting those numbers more and more frequently. Also, take note of the 5246 clicks on the day for only $546.00! That’s under .10 cents a click for laser targeted traffic that is converting at a rate to consistently produce over 100% ROI.

Yea, but, everyone knows ROI’s on POF swing up and down like the wind, right? How about this, I’ve maintained over 100% ROI for over 4 months straight. I’ve been able to do this as a newb without direct deals or anything. It can, and is being done people don’t just running around flapping their gums about it.

Anyway, take care Ben. Have a great week buddy.

My best regards


Very well done my friend! Disregard naysayers, acquire currency 🙂

Hello readers!

So regarding my last post, a VERY popular dating offer did go down to optimize their data, which lead to a lot of big POF affiliates pausing their campaigns while they find another offer to plug in. OPEN CALL TO NETWORKS w/ DATING OFFERS, if your MAINSTREAM offer is currently looking for volume, please contact me and I’ll connect you to some affiliates. 

Moving on, it’s a no brainer that you should take into considerations the dating norms of the country you’re targeting. Dating differs country to country and heck, even state to state! So, doing a Google search for “dating advice” for the country you’re targeting is an excellent way to learn the norms. Or, if you’re like me and you have awesome affiliate friends, you get it forwarded to you 😀 (Thanks Cory!) 

So, check out this link, it’s pretty interesting!

Lastly, how many of you affiliates will go through registration of the offer? I was reminded today of how many guys will only look at CPL price without checking out the reg path. It’s worth your time to see if the reg path is good b/c that will impact your bottom line. What if registration is 10 pages long?! What if the reg path isn’t mobile optimized? 


That’s right, female traffic <50 logs can be bought for around $0.50, which is CHEAP. Did a big offer die in the last week or something? Regardless, get it while it’s CHEAP!


This year’s ASE was smack in the middle of Times Square! Talk about BUSY, holy smokes. It was like boxing day shopping 24/7 for 5 days! Here are some highlights! I’d like to take this opportunity to thank some people who were generous enough to invite my wife and I to their private events.

Saturday: Fly into the city and had dinner w/ the Peerfly crew! Love hanging out with these guys, it’s always good food and big laughs. I would consider Peerfly one of the top tier networks to run your dating campaigns through (but they certainly have more than that!). Ask for Luke, say BenPOF sent you 🙂

Sunday: Went on a BOAT CRUISE with Mike Pacheco from CashedOutMedia with a their top affiliates. This was a nice change of pace from the hustle and bustle of ASE as we sailed around and I FINALLY got a picture of the Statue of Liberty. They also had a draw for Versace sunglasses and the grand prize of a $3000 Versace neck piece which I WON! 



This says a LOT from a network when they’re willing to spoil their business partners with a cruise/awesome prizes. If you’re looking for non-dating offers, hit up Mike. They’ve got a lot of international, non-English stuff too.

Monday: Had dinner with Jeff Greenberg & his fiancee from 50OnRed. Went to a place called Quality Meats and it was damn good! 50OnRed is a traffic source that offers Pops, Intext and Search. So if you’re looking for that type of inventory, hit him up!


Also thanks to AdSimilis/AffPlaybook for the early meetup, lots of fun and I’m glad I was able to have a cookie 😀 Also, I realize I need to take more pictures and will do IN VEGAS 2015 🙂



Hello Readers,

I’m amazed at the quality of information coming from Charles’ blog. You’d usually have to pay money to get knowledge this good! Anyway, I’ve read through his blue print and I agree with it all. Improve your skills now and check out the post!

You don’t find winning campaigns, you create them.
– Charles Ngo


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